About us

Simmonds Compliance & Consultancy is the brain child of David Simmonds boasting around 15 years experience in managing operating environments across several industries. The initiative is designed to target common non compliance areas of business practices and also low performing areas of business operating methods or use of service providers. We aim to impact as many businesses as we can to help deliver positive results across the board making things better, safer and more productive. 

With an international network we have access to the world’s latest “best practice“ methods, and we only think it is right that South East Queensland business is informed and educated in these methods and ideas to be the best we can and continue to compete and thrive in a forever developing world. 

Our service package has been created as a reaction to demand, people need support without having to continually bring on employee’s or pay ridiculous temp employment fees for below par labor. Hiring people has a cost, a cost that can far outweigh what would be paid to an industry professional to come in and deliver desired results under agreed terms. 

The down side to using consultants is you don’t retain the knowledge or support once the agreed term has concluded, repeatability is where the value is that’s why we have management programmes that keep us around, employing these services you keep the relationship open and at as low as ¼ of the cost to an employee you would be silly not to. 

Every sports team has a Utility Player that can move where needed when needed the most and when that player can also be the assistant coach that’s a double win! The management programmes buy time, even if a business issue is unrelated to the package selected the time is yours to spend, that is our commitment to you and better still the time needed to focus on why we are there in the first place will still be awarded because we never take our eye off the ball. 

So with a range of Programmes, ad hoc services and pay by the hour consultancy areas we are certain there is an amount of time we owe you and you owe yourself, your Employee's, Customers and Suppliers. 

So let’s get started shall we?